Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Put a Sock in It



kåre, runa, yo.

hanne, frode, runa.

turkmenbashi, vel.
(sånn ser jeg ut da; i gull)


Anonymous said...

Hvem er han skalla fyrn dera?

alejandro casso rmz said...

Sequence of events in which the pictures explain themselves.

pic 1: Everybody eating ice cream at a funeral
pic 2: A picture to remember when this guy died
pic 3: Explaining how the guy died
pic 4: Hey, somebody arrived, ask her if she has a lighter.

PS: i hopoe nobody died, cuz i will feel like shit.
hugs and lots of love to the Norway gang.

alejandro casso rmz said...

haha i forgot ...

pic 5: a golden statue to the guy that died.